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Please fill out the forms and upload them into the Patient Fusion Portal:


  • Please save the forms on your computer. 

  • Once in the portal: please click on Messages (if the tab called Messages is missing, this means the provider has not enabled this feature.  Please call the doctor and request for the feature to be turned on). 

  • Click on the New Message Button

  • Click on the Attachment icon and attach the file

  • The system only allows one file per message

  • Please do not send the forms by the regular email as this mode of communication is not HIPPA compliant.

  • Please attach a scanned file with the copy of a driver's license and the insurance card (front and back) for the patient and the responsible party.


The directions on how to create the Patient Fusion Portal account can be found here:


Some of the forms need to be printed out, signed and scanned back onto your computer. 


At the same Patient Fusion Portal you can schedule your appointment based on the doctor's availability.

Thank you so much and will see you soon.

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