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About Dr. Alec

If you are looking for a doctor who spends the time researching and understanding your condition and takes the time to explain the causes behind the sickness than you are in the right place.  

Dr. Alec's Philosophy: 

Dr. Vyacheslav Alec Pekler aka Dr. Hakuna Matata is a highly trained, Board Licensed Naturopathic Doctor who has spent the last 10 years learning and applying holistic and conventional treatments to help his son with Down Syndrome, Autism and Autoimmune Thyroid disease.  He has received his Master's degree from the World's Top Ranked Environmental Toxicology program at UCLA, where he learned how toxins affect the body and how to help the body to remove them.  He further studied Naturopathic Medicine at the elite Natural Health school in the world the Bastyr University.  He is currently pursuing his Board Certification in Functional Neurology, Medical Academy of Pediatrics Special Needs and Institute of Functional Medicine.


His personalized approach will make you feel completely comfortable and confident that your medical condition will receive his full attention and research.  Dr Alec spends 2-3 hours with each patient, painstakingly going through the history and what lead to the development of the condition.  Than he discusses and explains every single detail of the treatment plan and the reasons behind it.   


About Dr. Alec: 

Dr. Pekler is a father of three children whose youngest son has Down Syndrome, Autism and Hashimoto's Autoimmune disease.  After being frustrated of not be able to help his son with his medical conditions, Dr. Pekler decided to study Naturopathic Medicine.  Dr. Pekler relentlessly pursued and researched causes and treatments of his son's medical conditions and successfully treated his son's health conditions to help him achieve his full potential.  He successfully worked with countless of patients of all ages to help them recover their health through personalized holistic treatments and undivided attention. 


  • Naturopathic Medical Student Association

  • California Naturopathic Doctor Association

  • Pediatric Association of Naturopathic Physicians

  • Weston A. Price Foundation

  • The Institute for Naturopathic Generative Medicine (INGM)

  • San Diego Herbalist Guild

  • Naturopathic Academy of Environmental Medicine

  • Medical Academy of Pediatrics with Special Needs


  • Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, Bastyr University San Diego, CA

  • Master of Science Environmental Health Sciences: Toxicology, University of  California Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.

  • Bachelors of Science, Biology, American University, Washington, DC.



  • Numerous Bastyr University Scholarship Awards 

  • Bone Broth Research Grant Bastyr University

  • Bechtel Foundation Scholarship Award

  • Specialty Laboratories unrestricted grant for the HCV project

  • UCLA Graduate Student Fellowship, University of California Los Angeles

  • Graduate teaching assistantship, American University, Washington, DC.


Detection of Hepatitis C Virus in Semen Using Versant TMA Assay and Quantitation Using Versant bDNA 3.0 Assay from a Population of Eighty Homeless Men.”  Pekler VA, Robbins WA, Nyamathi A, Yashina TL, Robins TA.  J Clin Lab Anal. 2003;17(6):264-70.


“Presence of and Predictors of HCV RNA in Semen of Homeless Men.” Nyamathi A, Robbins WA, Fahey J, Wiley D, Pekler VA, Longshore D, Robins TA, Singh J, Saab S. Biol Res Nurs 2002 Jul;4(1):22-30.


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